Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday list....

Goodmorning Everyone!

I have been entertaining the idea of 1 day's post each week be the "Thankful/Makes Me Happy" List.... we'll see if Wednesday is the day or not.

For todays list:
  • my mom coming to visit in 7 hours! (Family lives 800+ Miles away, so this is a big deal people!)
  • Fresh Market Éclairs- oh my word! Sooooo good! If any of you have a Fresh Market near by you MUST try these! But a little tip: try to get them right after they make them- the chocolate is softer- yum!
  • my alarm clock playing a good song for me to wake up to- "Good morning Brittney!"
  • clean floor by my bed so I didn't stub my toes on anything this morning (inspired by a visit from the mother)
  • Husband being so awesome and helping clean- ladies if you find a man who will help you clean for his mother-in-law to come and visit you grab a hold of him tight- he even cleaned my bath tub for me!
  • birds chirping outside my window- SPRING is coming!!! Yeah!!!
Alright off I go to work... have a happy/thankful day! I would love to hear about it!!!

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