Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're on Vacation

As I said yesterday husband and I have decided this weekend we are going to be "on vacation" We're staying home but doing things just because we want to, not because we have to and the things we do we aren't allowed to feel guilty about, neither are we allowed to feel guilty for NOT doing some stuff that needs to be done. -- So for vacation on Saturday we slept in then we walked to a local restaurant to have breakfast - husband had a Greek Omelet and I had pancakes! Later we went to the park and went for a walk-it was 74 out and sunny! We visited our favorite store- Bass Pro Shop and both bought some zip off hiking pants because "we're on vacation".

For lunch we got Arby's to go and took it to a pick-nick table overlooking the water and ate it there.  After we finished eating we walked down to the water and skipped stones, picked up sea glass and Phil even found a pair of camo pants that has washed ashore- same exact pair he had been looking at in Bass Pro Shop, we he put them in a bag and he decided he would clean them up for himself, they were even his size. "Gift of the sea" he says, I agree.

Then we went downtown to do some Antiquing. I found a pin I liked and Husband got a... harpoon! (He turned to me when I asked if he was serious and said "we're on vacation" I couldn't argue with that!) Then we were  going to go fishing but we were happily worn out so we went home and I started another book and husband played with his new toys. I stayed up until 1am reading, but you know what? Its ok- because "we're on vacation"

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