Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(again I am a day behind of when I planned on posting my list- oops!)

I am thankful for:

-my husband making me yummy cheese toasties for dinner (exactly what I wanted)
-walks with friends- 4.5 miles baby!
-girl talk
-magazines- just finished Women's Health and moving on to Women's Day
-Soft sweaters- snuggling in my comfy maroon one as we speak!
-Color! I love color! I am so glad God created the world with color! I love the little pops of it that are springing up everywhere this time of year!
- 2 for 1 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream sale tomorrow! Woot woot! I am thinking Half-Baked AND Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!
-A tall glass of cold water, in a glass glass of course!

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