Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its a tromping sort of day...

Today is a warm rainy Sunday here in the south... the kind that says come, bring your hot tea, your warm blanket, wool socks and book. Come curl up on the sofa with me.... we will read books and take naps and smile quietly at one another.

You know the kind of day I am talking about. A soft gray day with a soft drizzly rain that turns everything to marshlands.

As a child on days like today my mom would hand me my water-boots and a wind jacket and send me out to go "tromping."  Tromping is when you go walk aimlessly about in the backyard, woods, or park (wherever you happen to be turned loose) and you make up stories and adventures that keep you entertained for hours, and then when you come in from cold, hunger, or lack of light mom has a warm bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese (cut into triangles) waiting for you.  Tromping days are the most perfect of days. They start with an adventure and end with contentment.

As an adult there is less hiking outside on these drizzly days, but they still hold a sort of magic to them... I suppose its the adventure of a book or even the adventures you create in your mind that make the day so why don't you come, lets go tromping...

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