Sunday, March 27, 2011

Husband was gone Friday night so it was ladies night for me! First time I have been completely alone at night since my college days- yes there was a freak-out moment late at night that involved pepper spray, locked doors, and... the ol' chair under the door knob routine- felt kind of foolish in the morning. What can I say I have an active imagination. *sigh*

BUT other than that it was a great girl night. I stopped at Red Box and got not one, but TWO girl movies. Popped the first one into the DVD player grabbed one of my two-for-the-price-of-one  Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream pints... Half Baked won the coin toss... IT WAS DELISH! and sat in the Laz-e-Boy and watched "Love Happens" IMMEDIATELY followed by "Step up Three" I stopped the movies when I wanted to stop them, I baked lazagna for dinner after I ate all of the Half Baked, and then I proceeded to put the lazagna in the fridge, untouched - no judgement people!

Over-all it was a pretty good night and I look forward to my next ladies night in.... lets say 2013! 

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