Friday, April 15, 2011


I love skorts! You can wear them anywhere- You can go for a morning trek, head to the museum, and finish the evening in a nice restraunt. You can start a spur of the moment game of tag with the kids on your way home from church and maintain your dignity while doing it! 

I have been told they are especially handy when touring Europe because some of the cathedrals women cannot go in unless they are wearing a skirt, but the skort aspect allows for all day/all weather excurions without the concern for a Marilyn Monroe scene! 

Here are some of my favorites from Athleta:

I think this one is my favorite, because the length and flow of the fabric is so versatile.  I see this one matched with a cute white tank and sweater for church or a date, maybe with some chunky black beads. But in all honesty I would probably wear this skort to the grocery store, work, and anywhere else I planned on going- this one is a keeper.
 This one is great for golfing, a walk with the girlfriends, or shopping. With a little polo for the power outfit or a little crochet thing for a softer look. This one has a slight feel of winter, I think paired with some wool tights, tall boots, a warm jacket and red mittens and scarf this skort could make the transition to fall and maybe winter as well!
The perfect skort for hiking, a pick-nick, actually just about anything and the classic lines with the neutral color allows for so much flexibility in creating your look. 

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