Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Message in a Botttle...

So the CRAZIEST thing happened yesterday to Phil. He was fishing at lunch and you would not believe what he caught! (Ok you would becuase I gave it away in the title... oops!) He caught a message in a bottle!

picture found here.

He had to break the bottle to open it, so we have no pictures
of our intact bottle, but here is what he found:

In a blue mineral water bottle (stoppered with a wine cork) were the following items:

1- drywall screw
1-cotton ball
1-small artificial flower
approx. 12- lentil seeds
1- manuscript written on yellow paper

Another crazy thing about this whole thing is the day it was found/caught was 1 day after the 17th year the letter was dated. In the letter there were 2 authors and you can tell who wrote which paragraph by the pen that was used.

Get your thinking caps on, here it is!

(Kitchen) A simple look into the past,

Sansalone) When looking for love, I've been searching in places that don't love back. Back to what? To Me? I feel its not a matter of who, its a matter of how.  But I stop to think. Think clearly.  Think opaquely.  When the sword makes the cut, the impact it makes will shake the dust.

Kitchen) And when it comes to that point, then you look that moment in the eyes and act boldly.  When that moment of love found me, well, I didn't know how to really act.  I didn't know what to do or say.  I was taken back.  I couldn't say anything.

Sansalone)  But here's what I did.  I gave the Gables away!  I ate the candy, shot the canvas.  A canvas of hope, so much hope that it burns away all copper and slate.  How do I know?  The better question is: Why don't you try?

Kitchen) But you have to be careful with love, because you will let it into your heart and without warning BAM!!! It will crush you heart, and then you will*( hey look, both wills are right under each other) :-) And thats it.

Sansalone) For your heated discoveries enclosed are tools to inspire and protrude.  Much quality to be had!

Sansalone) Just peel back the orange skins of your ambitions and embrace the flavor savor.  Does that mean to completely abandon all logic? Quite the contrary:  Cling close to the spacious...DESTINY!

             S. SANSALONE           4/4/1994            K. KITCHEN
* In the original texts both "wills" appear directly above and below one another, hence the parentheses, and following sentence
Isn't this just the craziest/coolest thing ever?!?!?  BUT! I am a bit disappointed by the message and bottle contents--- what the heck does it mean?!!? Are they song lyrics? Someones thoughts? Why the lentil seeds?!?! I have so many questions! Do any of you have any idea what they are trying to say?

We tried to track down the 2 guys last night. Husband and his buddy found S. Sansalone -they think and later that night when we looked we think we tracked K. Kitchen down to TX and we left a message on his phone, we will see if its the right one!

Stay tuned for more updates! If you have any ideas message me or leave a comment, we can use all the help we can get!


  1. This is super crazy and kind of cool! Kind of makes me want to put a message in the bottle for someone random to find a decade from now. I have no thoughts on what the message means, if anything. The realist in me wonders if it was just two people who thought it would be funny to confuse someone...

  2. Haha! That did cross my mind, but I guess I decided to ignore it- I want it to mean something!

    I tried just reading just Kitchen's part and then just Sam's part to see if they tried to trick us with the every other thing... I don't think they were....

    I also would like to toss a bottle in the sea... I think I may do it with Phil on our anniversary or something- wouldn't that just be neat?